Łukasz Sosnowski – Women in Tech Days

Łukasz Sosnowski

Łukasz Sosnowski

Intel / Engineering Manager

Intel is my 1st and only employeer. From summer practice, through internship, engineer and validation team leader, I become an engineering manager. I will tell you why I’m still here.

After work, I’m a triathlete and my motto is: „train smart, race hard, have fun” – I believe that sport and work have much in common. I prefer simple solutions and I’m always trying to get things done right away.

I can tell you what I learned at Intel and what I experienced outside, for example by organizing some sport events with volunteers’ help. I can share my thoughts about choosing a career path and managing a work-life balance and why it is so important. And of course – I’m still an engineer – so if you have any technical topics – I will try to advice.

I don’t talk much but I’m pretty good listener. Why I want to be a mentor? That’s simple: I believe that good comes back.